StraLugano Programme

The programme is currently being prepared and is subject to change.
Detailed bib collection times on the "General Information" page



14h00 Lugano City Centre, Village opening
14h00-20h00     StraLugano Village – Info Point – Registration and collection of
Run4Charity T-shirts
Centro Esposizioni – Bib collection and late registration:
- 5Km FastRun
Monte Brè Challenge Race
- 10km CityRun and StraCombinata
- 21Km Half Marathon and 21Km HM Relay
- KidsRun
15h45 StraLugano Village Stage - Hip-Hop Diamonds Dance Company
16h30 Lakeside – 5Km FastRun start
17h35 Piazza Riforma – Warmup 10Km CityRun
17h50 Lakeside – Starting ceremony 10Km CityRun with Swiss National Anthem
18h00 Lakeside – 10km CityRun start
StraLugano Village Stage – 5Km FastRun awards ceremony
18h45 StraLugano Village Stage – 10Km CityRun awards ceremony
19h15-21h15 Centro Esposizioni – Migros PastaParty
20h30 Lakeside – Run4Charity start
21h45 StraLugano Village Stage - Live concert


07h00-09h00 Centro Esposizioni – Bib collection
- Monte Brè Challenge Race
- 21Km Half Marathon and 21Km HM Relay
09h00-14h00 StraLugano Villagge – Info Point – Registration and bib collection KidsRun
09h10 Piazza Riforma – WarmUp Monte Brè Challenge Race
09h30 Lakeside – Monte Brè Challenge Race start
09h35 Piazza Riforma – WarmUp 21Km Half Marathon
09h50 Lakeside – Starting ceremony 21Km Half Marathon with Swiss National Anthem
10h00 Lakeside – 21KM Half Marathon / 21Km HM RelayRun start
11h15 Monte Brè – Monte Brè Challenge Race and StraCombinata awards ceremony
11h30 StraLugano Village Stage21Km Half Marathon and 21Km HM Relay
awards ceremony

12h00-14h00 Centro Esposizioni – Migros PastaParty
14h00 Palco Villaggio StraLugano - Hip-Hop Diamonds Dance Company
14h30 Lakeside – KidsRun start
16h00 StraLugano Village Stage – KidsRun awards ceremony
16h45 Closing XVI Edition StraLugano