Monte Brè Run

It is a route that combines the speed of road running with the agility and power required for mountain running. This amazing hybrid track starts at the lakeside of Lugano and ends on Monte Brè, winding through the wonderful Gandria path and the steep wooded path that connects the lake to the restaurant at the top.

A track to be discovered that will not fail to excite the participants. 9 km, with a difference in height of about 730 m which will take you to the "roof" of Lugano. From Monte Brè the view will range from the Apennines to the Po Valley and the Swiss Alps. After a little refreshment, the historic funicular will take you back to the city.

Sunday 29 September
departure at 09h30

CHF 40.00 until 15.09.2024
from 16.09.2024 CHF 50.00

✔ Race pack with Craft technical T-shirt

Race bib with microchip
✔ Showers and changing rooms
✔ Luggage storage (unguarded)
✔ Valuables storage (guarded)
✔ Swiss Runners Ticket
✔ Participation medal and towel
✔ Migros Pasta Party voucher

▶ Course map pdf