General conditions of participation

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1. Validity of the present general conditions, applicable law and jurisdiction
Any person registering for one or more races organised by the StraLugano Association (hereinafter only "StraLugano") accepts these general conditions. The Italian language version shall prevail in the event of any inconsistencies with versions translated into other languages.

These provisions also apply in the event of the registration of other persons or additional persons (third parties). These third parties are presumed to have authorised the person making the entry. If underage runners are registered by third parties, it is assumed that the consent of the legal representatives has been obtained.

The contractual relationship between StraLugano and the registered persons is governed by Swiss substantive law (with the exception of the rules concerning conflicts of law) and the ordinary courts of Lugano are exclusively competent in case of legal disputes.

2. Organiser and information
Associazione StraLugano
Casella Postale 4645
CH 6904 Lugano
(hereinafter also referred to as "organiser")
President: Walter Lisetto, Lugano
E-mail: [email protected]

The StraLugano event is organised under the patronage and directives of the Swiss Athletics Federation (

3. Cancellation or modification of the event
The organiser reserves the right to cancel, reschedule or modify the event, in whole or in part, either as a result of indications or recommendations issued by the competent authorities (Confederation and/or State Council of Canton Ticino), or as a result of its own assessments and decisions in the event of a proven emergency, danger, epidemic or pandemic situation. No claims for compensation will be considered in the event of cancellation or modification of the date of the event for such reasons.


4. Entry fees
The entry fees are those indicated for the different competitions on the website

5. Entry deadline
Entries can be made from the dates indicated on the website and will be completed by the deadline.

If the maximum number of participants is not reached, it will be possible to register at a later date, which may result in a supplementary fee and the loss of benefits.

6. Enrolment and payment
On-line via, with a link on the timing system site and following the instructions. Payment by credit card or bank transfer. No refund will be given by StraLugano in the event of withdrawal from the race.

During registration, it is possible to take out cancellation/waiver insurance in the event of illness or accident. This is not a service of StraLugano. (Information:

The organiser reserves the right to disqualify participants at any time and without reimbursement of the amount paid if they have provided false information on their personal data at the time of registration.

The organiser may set a limit on the number of participants. If this happens, registrations received later cannot be taken into account. Registrations will be registered after receipt of payment.

Entries made twice will not be reimbursed, but will entitle to a free start valid for the following year.

The start number can be transferred to another person on payment of a fee of CHF 10.00. It is not possible to change the type of race for which registration was made. Changes are only possible up to the date of the printing of the bibs and will only be made on presentation of a registration or payment confirmation.

If, as a result of the provisions of point 3 above, or for other reasons of force majeure or following directives from public authorities, the event does not take place on the scheduled date, the person who has registered and paid the relevant fee has the sole right to participate, without further cost, in the next competition, in the same type of race. There will be no refund of the fee paid.

7. Collection of bibs
The bibs are to be collected in the manner and at the places indicated by the organiser on the website.


8. Health and safety of participants and spectators
No medical certificate or membership of the federation is required to run the StraLugano; however, by registering, each participant self-certifies "that he is sufficiently trained to take part in this race, that he is in good physical health and that he has medical confirmation of his good health".

In the event of emergencies and/or instructions from the Swiss public authorities (e.g. COVID-19 regulations), the organiser may at any time (i.e. also after registration) demand that the participant possess and produce certificates and/or other applicable documentation (e.g. a vaccination certificate, "covid pass" and the like) as a prerequisite for participation in the event.

Very strenuous activity can have negative effects in case of underlying cardiovascular diseases. Participants are recommended to undergo a thorough medical examination (with stress ECG) before starting any StraLugano race and more generally before undertaking prolonged physical exertion. The organiser recommends that runners over 40 and/or who have suffered from heart or lung problems, or who belong to a risk group, undergo regular medical checks.

If the participant has suffered from an illness or fever in the three months preceding the race, he must withdraw from participation.

The organiser advises participants to drink enough before, during and after the competition. If, during the race, a participant suffers an injury, pronounced fatigue, dizziness, severe pain, etc., he must immediately stop running and abandon the race.

The Race Direction of StraLugano and the medical and sanitary staff present may oblige the participant in an obvious state of breathlessness to stop the race immediately. If the race is continued in spite of these recommendations and indications, this is done under the responsibility of the participant, without any claim for services (including medical) from the organiser, who accepts no responsibility in the event of health problems.

We do not recommend the use of earphones during the race, in order to be able to hear any communications from security on the course. The race directorate may, at any time, interrupt the race if this creates problems for the safety of the participants.

The organiser accepts no liability towards spectators and third parties.

9. Safety concept
The organiser is responsible for setting up a security concept and for coordinating all necessary security forces (police, civil defence, medical personnel, etc.).
The instructions of the security personnel (in particular the local police) must be observed and shall prevail in the event of conflicts with different instructions from third parties.

10. Insurance
Insurance is the responsibility of the participants, should they wish to make use of it.

The organisation declines all responsibility in case of accident, damage or theft.


11. Data protection
The use of personal data is governed by the data protection declaration on the website (in italian), to which we refer you for further information and which is an integral part of these general conditions.

The runner undertakes to make the personal data of third parties available to the organiser only if they or their legal representatives are familiar with the applicable data protection declaration and only if they are authorised to do so in accordance with the applicable data protection law.

The photos and films taken as part of our event may be used free of charge on TV, on the Internet, in our advertising material, in our magazines and in our books.


12. Competition
The instructions and orders of the competition management, safety personnel and the organiser must be strictly adhered to.

The event will take place according to the regulations of the Swiss Athletics Association (SwissAthletics) and according to the categories listed on the website. All those who have reached the specified age may participate.

The course is measured and homologated in accordance with the provisions of the AIMS/IAAF.

The time is measured by means of a chip integrated into the starting number. The start numbers are to be made clearly visible at the front and worn on the chest.
Private companions with vehicles of any kind, in particular bicycles and inline skates, are not permitted. A general traffic ban applies to the entire race course. Dogs, prams, etc. are not allowed. Cutting the route is prohibited, as are any unauthorised aids. For safety reasons, participation with a wheelchair is not possible, unless otherwise stipulated by the organiser, in particular for certain types of races.

13. Doping
The current Swiss Sport Integrity doping statute applies to this competition.

Doping controls may be carried out (even without prior warning).

By participating, runners submit to the Swiss Sport Integrity anti-doping regulations and acknowledge the exclusive jurisdiction of the Disciplinary Committee for Doping Cases of Swiss Sport Integrity and the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS) in Lausanne, to the exclusion of the ordinary courts (

14. Starting grids
Runners must go to the starting grids at least 10 minutes before the start. In case of delay, the Race Direction reserves the right to disqualify the runner and not to allow him to start.

15. Time limits
A time limit has been set to ensure a smooth running of the race and to avoid that the last competitors are lapped by the first ones (two laps) or other inconveniences or dangers.

Unless otherwise specified by the Race Director, the time limits are as follows:

  • "21Km Half Marathon" and "21Km HM RelayRun" time limit of 2h50'
  • "10Km CityRun" time limit 1h45'
  • "Monte Brè Challenge Race" time limit 2h30'

Runners who reach the finish line after this time will not be classified.

The end of the official race is determined by the "broom wagon", which is on its way to the finish line after the time limit. Runners who are overtaken by the "broom wagon" must hand in their starting number and are excluded from the race; should they continue on the race course they will do so at their own risk, since the safety (including medical) of those overtaken by the "broom wagon" will not be guaranteed.

16. Timekeeping
The timing service is carried out with a microchip which is inserted in the bib.

17. Changing rooms, storage of personal effects and valuables
For all races, except Run4Charity and KidsRun, changing rooms, personal belongings and valuables deposit are available.

Personal belongings (spare clothes, bags, backpacks, etc.) can be stored in a covered and marked area, which can only be accessed by people registered for the event. This storage area is unattended and unsupervised by the organiser. It is not advisable to leave valuables in this area (for which the organiser is not liable in the event of loss, theft and/or damage).

Small valuables (wallets, keys, mobile telephones, personal documents and the like) can be deposited in the organiser's custody and under supervision in a designated area. Such items shall be handed over with a receipt for their subsequent collection.

18. Classifications
The rankings can be consulted online at the timing service site immediately after the finish or later at

Any complaints must be lodged within 24 hours of the display of the rankings by e-mail addressed to: [email protected].

19. Prizes
Both the prize money and the individual prizes for the respective races are listed at

Prizes not collected during the prize-giving on the day of the event by the entitled person (or a person designated by him in writing) shall remain the property of the organiser and shall not be sent to his home address.

20. Public transport
Possible facilitations and possibilities of public transport and shuttle service are indicated on the website