Provisions for elite participants

  1. For this edition of StraLugano as 21Km Half Marathon, 10km CityRun, Monte Brè Challenge Race and StraCombinata, the Organising Committee has planned to recruit a maximum of 20 (twenty) Swiss and foreign elite runners.

  2. Athletes who are accepted will be contacted directly and invited by our official representatives for recruitment. Those who correspond to our guidelines are invited to fill in the registration form and send it to one of our representatives.

  3. By signing the registration form, the athlete expressly declares that he or she has read, understood and fully accepted all applicable provisions applicable to the participation in the StraLugano events (in particular the “General conditions of participation”).

  4. A special agreement will be made with each invited athlete. In the three weeks before and after the StraLugano it will not be allowed to participate and finish any race longer than a Half Marathon. Otherwise we reserve the right to reduce the prizes and travel costs.

  5. Elite athletes who have not been officially invited by the organising committee must register in the ordinary way and pay the entry fee. They will also be responsible for their travel, accommodation and food expenses.

  6. Important: Elite athletes residing in countries with a compulsory visa must apply personally for a visa from the competent authorities. No procedure will be charged to the Organising Committee.

  7. Participation in the technical meeting on Saturday is compulsory for 21Km Half Marathon athletes only.

  8. Athletes classified up to sixth place (6) in the general classification will be entitled to a cash prize. The prizes will be paid according to the guidelines set by the Organising Committee. Participation in the prize-giving ceremony is compulsory.

  9. In the event of abandonment during the race, the reimbursement costs will only be paid if the athlete has completed at least half of the course.

  10. The payment of the ranking prize money and the reimbursement of travel expenses will not be paid in cash, but by postal or bank transfer. The payment will be made to the account number previously communicated to the Organising Committee. For elite athletes residing outside Switzerland, the withholding tax must be deducted from the payments. More information on this issue can be found on the following website:

  11. Anti-doping: doping controls can be carried out. Swiss Sport Integrity will carry out regular doping checks on the top male and female finishers. Only in the event of negative results will travel expenses and ranking prizes be paid.

  12. The use of any technical aids such as headphones, sticks, etc. is strictly prohibited. This is laid down in the StraLugano regulations.

  13. The organising committee accepts no liability for failure to comply with these guidelines.

For any further information, Richi Umberg, in charge of elite recruitment, is at your disposal: [email protected]
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