Provisions for elite participants

Dear élite runners,

The Association StraLugano issues the following guidelines for the élite runners:

  1. The elite runners will be invited by Richi Umberg, Head of the elite athletes. Those who meet the guidelines can apply by filling out the application form.

  2. Please note that the size of the invited elite field is limited due to our budget.

  3. In order for us to review the application, please send us the following documents:
    - current personal best times and achievements but not older than 3 years;
    - 1 or 2 current portrait photos without sports glasses (min. 300 dpi) incl. publication rights;
    - copy of passport;
    - link to World Athletics

  4. The form and documents are to be sent to: [email protected] (incomplete forms and forms without documents will not be considered).

  5. An individual agreement will be made with the invited elite runners.

  6. Media appointments may be scheduled prior to the StraLugano where elite runners should be present.

  7. Non-invited elite runners must register through the proper channels and pay the registration fee themselves. They are responsible for all travel, accommodation and food costs.

  8. Important: for elite runners from countries requiring a visa, the relevant visa applications must be submitted to the relevant authorities themselves.

  9. With a final ranking of 1 to 6 for the half-marathon and 1 to 3 for the 10 km CityRun, the winners are entitled to a cash prize. Participation in the prize-giving ceremony is compulsory.

  10. The payment of the prize money will be made according to the instructions of the Association StraLugano.

  11. Neither the prize money nor the travel expenses will be paid in cash. The money will be transferred to the bank or postal account provided in advance.

  12. For foreign athletes, withholding tax will be deducted from both fees and prizes exceeding CHF 300.00.

  13. Doping controls can be carried out by Swiss Sport Integrity Travel expenses and prize money will only be transferred once the negative results are available.

  14. The use of any technical aids such as, accompaniment by bikes, bicycles, non-accredited pacemakers, headphones etc. is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, the regulations of the Association StraLugano apply.

  15. The StraLugano Association does not take any responsibility in case of disregard of these regulations!

For any further information, Richi Umberg, in charge of elite recruitment, is at your disposal: [email protected].