The starting line for all the races in the 12th StraLugano is in the traditional place, in other words Lugano lakeside promenade, Piazza Manzoni where there is also the finishing line. The Half Marathon and the Relays will start at 10.00, whilst the 10 km City race will start at 13.00 on Sunday, 21 May 2017.

The first 4 km of the two races will be along a wide route, with very few curves allowing for easy overtaking and a steady pace.

There are 8 corrals established at the start according to each athlete’s Reference Times, both for the Half Marathon and the 10 km race.

The first relay runners will start in corral number 2.

It should be noted that the reported time will be checked by Datasport by comparing with databases for recent editions of StraLugano and other events. Anyone who fails to provide a time will be automatically included in the last corral. It will not be possible to change corral either before or after the race bib has been assigned.

Access to the corrals shall be from the lakeside promenade. The 800 m route to get to the starting area from the race bib collection point and the changing rooms is clearly signposted. Athletes go to Piazza Manzoni where, 30 minutes before starting, the Warm Up will be performed, encouraged by SUVA instructors. The distance between Piazza Manzoni to the corral entry point is very short.

Subdivision of the corrals is as follows:

HM and Relay starting corral:

number from to
1 1 250
2 251
(Relay 9001)
(Relay 9050)
3 501 850
4 851 1200
5 1201 1550
6 1551 oltre


10km starting corral:

number from to
1 3001 3250
2 3251 3500
3 3501 3850
4 3851 4200
5 4201 4550
6 4551 4900
6 4901 5250
6 5251 oltre